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Top Home Displays for Amazing Image Quality

The key to truly enjoying the Big Game, commercials and halftime show is high-quality video. Help your customers select and set up the best video products to accommodate a small gathering or a virtual event. Whether installing a single TV or creating a home theater experience, a smart, HDR or 4K TV allows sports fans to watch every play and touchdown unfold in crisp detail. You can also install video projectors that offer variety in screen size from 32 inches to 170 inches, making them perfect for a watch party among the entire family.

Audio Solutions for Crisp Sound

Customers might overlook a vital component of the perfect AV setup. But quality of sound is just as important to experience a great game because no one wants to guess what the referee calls. By installing wireless and audio speakers, you’re providing clean and crisp sound in every room, so no one misses out on the program during breaks. Soundbars can also be a game-changer because their drivers are pointed towards viewers and have separate tweeters and woofers to handle all the high and low sounds. These speakers or soundbars will enhance your customer’s entertainment long after football season is over.

Comfort and Control for the Ultimate Fan

Selecting the right seating for a home theater is never easy. But chairs should be at the top of your checklist for residential AV setups and should be given as much importance as display and sound systems. Help your customers choose theater chairs that are comfortable, supportive and sleek so that the entire family can sit back and have a great time. From the comfort of their own theater chair, your customers can control their media center, IR devices and smart homes with a universal remote control. Universal remotes simplify their media center by giving access to multiple devices across the home. Besides being able to control different devices with a single remote, some universal remotes can be customized to meet different needs or routines.

Wi-Fi Routers and Equipment for Watch Parties

Every year, millions of viewers across the world tune into their favorite TV channels, streaming sites and social media channels to follow one of the most recognized sports events of the year. This year might be different with many families choosing to host virtual watch parties instead. So, internet networks and Wi-Fi routers will be working overtime. To avoid network interruptions in their homes, a powerful Wi-Fi router or network can deliver a seamless and reliable connection to all their devices. Design and safety also can't be ignored. Without the proper AV racks and accessories, your customers run the risk of overheating and damaging their equipment.

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